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Wedding Car Rental Gallery

Broadoak proudly boasts one of the UK’s largest selections of wedding cars for rental in and around Manchester and North Cheshire.

At a glance our wedding cars include Vintage Wedding Cars, Classic Wedding Cars, Wedding Limousines and Wedding Horse and Carriages.

Why not view our selection below and imagine starting your married life in a Rolls Royce Shadow, pearl white Bentley Arnage, luxury limousine or magical horse drawn carriage. You can also take advantage of wedding car rental special offer giving you DOUBLE the standard off-peak (e.g. Winter, Midweek) Discount on cars marked with a Wedding car rental special offer.

There are now 40 wedding cars and carriages in our showroom.
Please be patient while the photographs are downloaded and also have a look at our latest additions.

PDF Wedding Car Showroom Click here for our downloadable wedding car hire brochure with high quality photographs
(NOTE: Set your printer to "Best" or "High Quaility").

Porcelain white Rolls-Royce Shadow wedding car available for hire from Broadoak Wedding Cars, Manchester.   Arctic White Rolls-Royce Spirit Wedding Car.

Imagine yourself in one of these beautiful Rolls Royce cars on your wedding day. Choose from our porcelain white Rolls-Royce Shadow or our arctic white Rolls-Royce Spirit. Can't decide? Read on, you will be spoiled for choice with our superb range of wedding cars and carriages for rental.

Bentley wedding car hire, a pearl white Bentley Arnage.   Ermine white Classic Rolls-Bentley available for wedding car rental from Broadoak of Manchester.

This majestic pearl white Bentley Arnage and ermine white Classic Rolls-Bentley will make the perfect start to your wedding day.

Cream vintage style convertible wedding car for rental, Manchester.   Wedding limo Manchester – a cream 6 door Mercedes Landaulette available for rental from Broadoak.

This gorgeous cream vintage style Convertible our classic cream 6 door Mercedes "Landaulette" are wedding cars with a wow factor.

Classic wedding car – hire this beautiful cream classic jaguar 420.   A gorgeous cream vintage Austin Wedding Car.

Two beautiful classic wedding cars for rental on your special day. Which is your favourite – the cream Classic Jaguar 420 or the cream Vintage Austin?

Primrose Vintage Rolls Landaulette wedding car from Broadoak, Manchester.   Vintage wedding car, cream Regent Landaulette.

Two stunning vintage wedding cars to hire for your dream wedding. Stand out from the crowd in our primrose Vintage Rolls "Landaulette" and cream Regent "Landaulette".

Royal blue vintage Rolls Royce Limousine wedding car, Manchester.   White and black vintage Rolls Royce Coupe wedding car for rental from Broadoak, Manchester.

These refined Rolls Royce wedding cars are yours to hire on your special day. Choose from our royal blue Vintage Rolls-Royce Limousine or our white and black Vintage Rolls Royce Coupe.

Rolls Royce wedding car hire, a beautiful cream vintage Rolls-Royce Saloon from Broadoak, Manchester.   Cream Classic Royale Landaulette luxury wedding car.

Our cream vintage Rolls-Royce Saloon and cream Classic Royale "Landaulette", we think you will agree are very elegant wedding cars.

Rolls Royce wedding car for hire from Broadoak, Manchester.  Hire this stunning ivory classic Rolls-Royce Cloud.   Wedding limo for hire from Broadoak. Rent this white super-stretched limousine.

You will make a grand entrance on your wedding day when you hire one of these two impressive wedding cars. Which will it be – the ivory Classic Rolls-Royce Cloud or the white Super-Stretched Limousine.

Take advantage of our double off peak discounts on star cars for your wedding car rental. Double Off Peak Discounts On Star Cars Take advantage of our double off peak discounts on star cars for your wedding car rental.

Mercedes wedding cars: hire this 2006 silvery luxury "S" Class Mercedes.   Bentley wedding care hire: why not hire this champagne Bentley Turbo for your special day.

These two fine wedding cars are yours to hire on your wedding day. Which will it be – the 2006 silver Luxury "S" Class Mercedes or the champagne Bentley Turbo.

Hire this regency gold Classic Rolls-Bentley for your wedding day.   This beige over cream Classic Rolls-Royce is available for hire for your wedding day.

Our Rolls Royce wedding car hire boasts these two magnificent cars – a regency gold Classic Rolls-Bentley and a beige over cream Classic Rolls-Royce.

This silver Bentley Flying Spur makes the perfect wedding car.   Cream over maroon Vintage Austin wedding car.

These luxury wedding cars will add a touch of class to your special day. Our silver Bentley Flying Spur and cream over maroon Vintage Austin are sure to make a statement.

Cream Vintage Rolls-Royce Limousine, the perfect wedding car.   Blue and cream Regent Landaulette wedding hire car.

Who can resist these vintage Rolls-Royce wedding cars? It’s difficult to choose between our cream Vintage Rolls-Royce Limousine or our blue and cream Regent Landaulette.

The largest choice of wedding cars in Manchester and North Cheshire.

Bronze and cream Regent Landaulette wedding car.   Vintage Rolls-Royce Convertible (4 door) wedding car.

Our Rolls Royce wedding car hire selection just keeps getting better. Make a grand entrance with our bronze and cream Regent Landaulette or our 4-door Vintage Rolls-Royce Convertible.

White super-stretched 4x4 excursion wedding limousine.   Glass fronted horse drawn carriage to hire on your wedding day.

Travel in style in our white Super-Stretched 4x4 Excursion wedding limousine or start your magical journey in this delightful glass fronted horse drawn carriage.

Maroon convertible Victoria horse and carriage for wedding hire.   Masons black convertible Victoria wedding horse and carriage.

A wedding horse and carriage will have your guests gasping with pleasure. Choose either our maroon Convertible or masons black Convertible Victoria horse drawn carriage.

Blue convertible Victoria horse drawn carriage for wedding hire.   A 2009 white luxury Mercedes "S" Class wedding car for hire in Manchester and surrounding areas from Broadoak.

A traditional or modern wedding theme? Whatever you decide, we have something for you. Why not opt for our blue Convertible Victoria horse and carriage or our 2009 white Luxury Mercedes "S" Class.

The Best Wedding Cars At Amazing Prices!

Silver Bentley Arnage (2007 Model) wedding car for hire.   Silver Rolls Royce Phantom (06 Model) for wedding hire.

Our superb range of wedding cars will leave you struggling which to choose. How about a silver Bentley Arnage 2007 model or a silver Rolls-Royce Phanton 2006 model.

White "E" Class Luxury Mercedes Saloon wedding car for rental.   Hire this white "S" Class Luxury Mercedes Saloon for your wedding.

These two Mercedes wedding cars will make a smooth entrance at your wedding. Arrive in style in our white "E" Class Luxury Mercedes Saloon or our white "S" Class Luxury Mercedes Saloon.

Cream Mercedes-Benz (6 Door) wedding limo.   Olde English White (Cream) Daimler wedding car.

Our 6 door cream Mercedes-Benz and olde English white (cream) Daimler will ensure you travel in style on your wedding day.

Diamond white Daimler wedding car for rental in Manchester and North Cheshire.   Masons black Daimler wedding car for hire.

Our diamond white and masons black Daimlers have got to be two of the most classic wedding cars.

Wedding Car Rental Package Deals - Click the Photograph for More Details

Classic Bentley and Cream Daimler for your wedding car rental.  

Why not take advantage of our wedding car rental package deals. Save £££s when you combine our classic Bentley and cream Daimler wedding cars.

Hire this white Rolls Royce Spirit and Mercedes Benz S Class

Save money for you and your wedding party when you take advantage of our white Rolls Royce Spirit and Mercedes Benz "S" Class wedding car hire package.

Cream vintage style convertible and Mercedes Benz Limo available for your wedding car rental.  

Our cream Vintage Style Convertible wedding car and Merces Benz Limo will easily accommodate you and your wedding guests.

A Classic Bentley and Mercedes Benz Limo cars be hired for your wedding

Hire our Classic Bentley and Mercedes Benz Limo to make your wedding day special.

Wedding car rental package: hire this cream vintage style convertible and cream Daimler for your wedding day.  

Why not hire our gorgeous cream Vintage Style Convertible and cream Daimler for you and your special guests on your wedding day.

Sapphire Package - White Rolls Roycle Shadow and Mercedes Benz E Class - Click for More Details

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(NOTE: Set your printer to "Best" or "High Quaility").

For further information on any of our wedding cars or to discuss your wedding car rental requirements, please contact us today.

Broadoak Wedding Cars: Wedding car rental in Manchester and North Cheshire.